In a society that has a urgent need for a new kind of awareness for the earth and for each other, the imagination and beauty of the arts play a crucial role. The arts and music intersect our consciousness of time and the limiting space for imagination and with that builds on the collective consciousness of the world. In imagination we can learn to understand the soul of things, which allow us to find deeper values and emotions, that can guide us in our actions.

The disturbed ecological balance of the earth and global unrest in today’s world, awake personal and existential questions. Within music I find a deeper meaning of the questions I live with. In music and listening I slowly find ways to transform feelings of powerlessness, anxiety and stress into a patience, love and a positive general attitude. I gain faith that in the symptomes of today we can find the inevitable¬†metamorphosis into an inwardly conscious and fair existence on the earth.

From my conviction that music and art play a crucial role in this inner and outer metamorphosis, I work as a conductor, composer, coach and workshop leader, in small and large music – and art projects. I am carefully looking for empathy, for the elementary side of things, for a common consciousness.


One should not be satisfied
with his time.
But not because it is no longer
the good, past, old,
But because it is not yet the
better, prospective, new.

Arnold Schönberg, 1911