Imre Ploeg(this biography is from more than 2 years ago. A lot happened since than. I renewed bio will follow shortly)

I’m a conductor, composer, workshop leader and coach. In March 1990 I was born as a third child into a musical family. Since I was nine I played the violoncello, including playing in string quartets and orchestras. When I was 17 I wrote my first short compositions for string quartet. Since then, I got the possibility to compose several works, mainly for choir. In the coming months I will work on the commissioned works for Kamerkoor JIP, the Dutch Student Chamber Choir and the Kennemer Youth Orchestra.
In 2012 I happily graduated for my bachelors of music educations at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, summa cum laude with distinction for an exceptional performance. After my bachelors, where I was taught by Huub de Vriend (composition) and Jos Vermunt (choral conducting) among others, I have continued my learning at the international Kurt Thomas conducting course and the ‘application training in choral conducting’ at the conservatory of Utrecht, where I was taught by Fokko Oldenhuis and Rober Vermeulen i.a. I am currently doing the bachelors of Choir conducting at the Leuven University College of Arts. In addition, I was happy to get workshops and training in creative leading from several workshop leaders, including Fraser Trainer, Detta Danford, Guy Wood and Hannah Conway.
Together with my brother Jonathan I conduct the Chamber Choir JIP (Utrecht). Also, I am proud to be assistant conductor at the Dutch Student Chamber Choir until 2017. Besides I regularly work as 2nd conductor at several choirs.
As workshop leader, I worked for the Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Opera2day, the Bernard Lievegoed University for Liberal Arts, the Youth Initiative Program (Sweden) and the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart (Germany). I regularly give workshops on composing, improvising and (choir) singing) to different groups of all ages.
As a ‘coach’ I worked for the Koninklijk Concertgebouw (teachers), Hart Haarlem (teachers), the Christian Community Children and Youth Camps (conductors and coordinators) and the Bernard Lievegoed University (students).

This summer and autumn I will be launching new projects, with as key words: new music, choral singing, sustainability, nature, young people and food.

If you are interested in my full CV, please contact me.