Alfonsina y el mar

SSAATTBB, solo tenor, solo soprano

Loneliness, desolations and a way towards new dreams; into a restful sleep. Alfonsina is moving towards a new world, to be reborn.

Alfonsina y el mar was firstly composed by Ariel Ramirez and Felix Cesar Luna and sung by Mercedes Sosa, after the tragic death of the Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni, who threw herself into the sea.
I used the text of the chorus for my composition, which was firstly performed at the final concert of my bachelor of music education. In the summer of 2016, the Utrechtse Studenten Cantorij performed the piece in their program ‘Water en Vuur’ and at the 2016 Tenso European Choir Festival in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

Te vas Alfonsina  |  You are leaving Alfonsina
Con tu soledad  |  With your loneliness
¿Qué poemas nuevos  |  Which new poems
Fueste a buscar?  |  Did you go find?
Una voz antigua  |  A ages old voice
De viento y de sal  |  Made of wind and salt
Te requiebra el alma  |  Breaks your soul
Y la está llevando  |  And takes it away
Y te vas hacia allá  |  And you float away
Como en sueños  |  As in dreams
Dormida, Alfonsina  |  Asleep, Alfonsina
Vestida de mar  |  Dressed by the sea