Creative Music Making

Creative Music Making

I regularly give workshops about Creative Music Making, to musicians, music teachers, teachers in primary education and students. Creative Music Making is a process that allows professional musicians to use their talent to make music with others. The creative aspect, the shaping of the music and the performance are priorities. It is an intensive form of participatory learning (learning by doing) in a group. But it is also an effective way of sharing the pleasure of making music, without the boundaries of skills.

In recent years, I was a member of the group of workshop leaders who are connected to PuntComp, Renee Jonker and hisSociété Gavignès. PuntComp is a collaboration between the major Dutch music institutions, orchestras and companies such as TivoliVredenburg, Nedpho, Het Concertgebouw, Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland, with the eam to explore and deepen the Dutch practice of Creative Music Making.

An example of one of my trainings is the training in the autumn of 2016, at Aslan Muziekcentrum. Together with Hanne van de Vlie, I developed a training program for music teachers about Creative Music Making.

For some music teachers a rather unknown terrain, for others it was about deepening their practice. In four meetings we shared all of our best practices, we designed new exercises or variations on existing forms of work and made the link to practice in everyones daily work. Hanne and I went to the classrooms to go deeper into the individual learning questions. Furthermore we watched video clips from each other’s lessons.

Comments from some participants:

“This training gave me a lot of insight into my own identity as a music teacher”
“This training has given me confidence to do more with Creative Music Making (CMM) in the classroom. I used to work with CMM on a regular basis, but now I feel more confident and inspired to experiment more.”
“This process has shown me how to use my own musicianship much more while teaching.”