Earth Hour ritual

A ritual that honors life and the earth.

During the global event Earth Hour, the light is turned off for an hour. With this simple gesture, millions of consumers, companies and municipalities worldwide give a clear signal, at a time of worries about the future of planet Earth. I organized and leaded an event in Zeist where singing, food, silence, rituals and nature came together.

Together with Jonathan Ploeg and in collaboration with Vrije Hogeschool, the Resonance Lab and Merlijn Twaalfhoven, I organized an EARTH HOUR RITUAL in Zeist. In the afternoon we gave singing and choir workshops, where participants got to know (ritual) music from across the globe. After eating together soup and bread, the newborn’s annual ritual began. Guided by torches and candles we walked in silence from the Vrije Hogeschool, through the dark woods to Landgoed Heidestein. When we arrived we sang with – and for the wind, the water, the birds and each other.

This first EARTH HOUR RITUAL was part of the Resonance Lab. Other vocal versions of Earth Hour took place in Rotterdam, Kampen, Zoetermeer, Apeldoorn and Amsterdam.