From a mountain book

SATB choir, male voices and shaman drums

A ‘yoik’ based on the ‘Beaivi Áhčážan’ by the Finnish Sami Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. He was a poem and writer, musician of deep, meditative music, artist, moviemaker and defender of the Sami culture. He was known for his joik singing, as well as his painting and written works about the Sami.

I used the typical sound for a yoik at the beginning of the Scandinavian program of Kamerkoor JIP. The following text by Valkeapää was proclaimed:

I’m a creature of the windy mountain
a crippled between the dwarf birch,
have become flexible as the wind
and joik my pain
joik my sorrow!

I am a little bluethroat in the bushes
a chiming bell of a reindeer
am a cry, resolving into nothing, far away
Laws perish
like yesterday decays

My years: just day and night
The brightness of the spring, my pelt
The Northern Lights in the heaven
of the frosty polar night
My cloak 

When the freezing autumn wind
proclaims deep misery
then still the brooch of the sun
is shining in the clearest sky

Not for power, nor for wealth
was my aim and my desire
My wealth is
the whispering of the mountain
the silver harness of the creek

I am the child of the rocky mountain
a wanderer, balanced by the wind

I’m shattered
Life gave me
carressed me with pain

I watch the clever ones
of the general laws
pick from me
piece by piece
devour me
The land, the air and water
are being corrupted

I am the child of the windy mountain
curved by the North, an unfortunate one
I am shy and transitory
a feeble wind

I joik, silently