Violoncello, male voice, tenor, 4 sopranos

I composed Jord (earth in Swedish) for my final exam at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag. From the raw earth slowly the sound can progress into music. In my concert I researched the cycle of life and death. For this, I worked together with i.a. theater maker Anna Henkes and visual artist Özhan Ates.

The following quotes  were used in the composition:

‘As long as you are not aware of the continual law of Die and Be again, you are merely a vague guest on a dark earth’ ~ von Goethe

‘The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees and forests are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a subtle, precious sound, expounding to all people the unsurpassed ultimate truth’ ~ anonymous

‘In a dark moment I ask, “How can anyone bring a child into this world?” And the answer rings clear, “Because there is no other world, and because the child has no other way into it.” ~ Robert Brault

‘May my soul bloom in love for all existence’ ~ Rudolf Steiner