VH – Out of Balance

Artistic director & conductor

I was involved in the project ‘Out of Balance’ as an artistic director and conductor.

How do I find ground in today’s world? What happens when I surrender to my desires? What happens when I cross borders? Is there good in evil? How is nature reflected within myself? In the art production Out of Balance, fifty seven students from the Vrije Hogeschool examined what their relationship is with their inner and outer nature.

Not for power, nor for wealth
was my aim and my desire
My wealth is
the whispering of the mountain
the silver harness of the creek

                Nils-Aslak Valkeapää

The ecological, economic, cultural and political crises raise questions about commitment, sustainability and our common future. Every individual life is connected to the lives of countless other life forms. What happens if we can not take that connection for granted? How do we find a renewed relationship with nature and do we really want to?

Ultimately, the ‘ecological crisis’ is not just a political and technical issue, but an existential question, which every person must define for themselves. This insecure time allows us to look for our dark desires, our dreams for the future and the magic of our senses.

In the fields of Camping de Boomgaard, the students of the Vrije Hogeschool searched for their desires, emotions and incentives, compressed between the eternal noise of the highway and the gentle whispering of the birds in the vast meadows. From research into sustainability, the nomadic existence and the rights of humans and animals, the students made a moving art show, through dance (with Maxi Hill), arts (with Jurriaan van den Haak), theatre (with Sebaz Verstegen and Lasse van Strien) and music (Imre Ploeg and Elsa van der Linden). Out of balance.